mental health care

Mental Health

S&T’s Behavioral Health Division aims to provide a comprehensive individualized approach to supporting optimal mental health. Individualized interventions will be designed based on assessment data and risks specific to priority population groups.

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Minor Ambulatory Procedures

An ambulatory phlebectomy, also called a microphlebectomy or stab phlebectomy, is an outpatient procedure performed to remove spider and varicose veins through small, slit-like incisions in the skin. When varicose veins near the surface of the skin are too large to treat with sclerotherapy and too small to treat with laser ablation, microphlebectomy is the

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Home Visits

Home Visits sandtmedicalgroup most secure home healthcare provider company. We provide all kind of Medical services at patient’s home like Nursing service , Care taker, Physiotherapy, Blood test, Doctor visit , Home I C U set up , General medical check at home and etc.

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Immunizations Immunization is a global health and development success story, saving millions of lives every year. Vaccines reduce risks of getting a disease by working with your body’s natural defences to build protection. When you get a vaccine, your immune system responds. Immunization is a key component of primary health care and an indisputable human

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Prevention & Wellness

Prevention & Wellness We know staying on top of the health conditions and concerns we may face after age 65 is an important part of the forward momentum that comes with aging. For example, many of us—even if we’re already living with several health conditions—are interested in steps we can take in advance to maintain

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General Health

General Health The importance of maintaining your health and wellbeing throughout your lifetime by incorporating exercise, diet, preventative health checks, sleep management, managing mental health issues, finding ways to relax and unwind are all important aspects of our health and wellbeing. Sandt Medical group promote a healthy lifestyle that will enhance your ability to study,

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