Introduction of S & T Medical's Behavioral Health Services

S&T Medical Group is an Illinois-based patient-centric organization located in the city of Chicago and Cook County. S&T employs the latest research and technology to consistently deliver clinical outcomes that meet local and national standards. Based on community needs assessment data, S&T is developing a new Behavioral Health Division in Phoenix, Illinois that will specifically serve priority communities within Cook County.

The Phoenix community health center will provide extensive mental health services. The Behavioral Health Division team is comprised of support staff and the following highly qualified providers: Geriatric Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Licensed Certified Social Worker, Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, and Mental Health Technicians..
What is the actual mission statement.

This mission is based on the premise that even the smallest breakthroughs, when taken together, can amount to something special. Building upon a robust foundation of evidence-based guidelines and therapy our programs are specifically devised to treat patients in underserved communities who have reached an impasse in their healing journey, whether from external or internal factors or due to Covid-related challenges and continue to suffer from hindering mental health concerns.

S&T’s Behavioral Health Division aims to provide a comprehensive individualized approach to supporting optimal mental health. Individualized interventions will be designed based on assessment data and risks specific to priority population groups.

Our extensive MH services will resume at Phoenix, IL location on Dec 1, 2022.